Finstant is a cash flow forecasting software that allows business owners to create accurate cash flow forecasts they can trust in under 15 minutes

We do this by asking intuitive questions you know the answers to. There are no cells, no formula, and no complex jargon. It's built by business owners, for business owners.

If you want to check out our current products - like the World's First Cash Flow Forecasting tool in Facebook Messenger - or our NEW Covid Calculator, click the buttons!

This is the UK's first functioning Covid-19 Business Impact Calculator. By answering a few questions, Finstant will adjust your finances to adjust for the impact of Covid-19. This will take 5 minutes, and you will get a report like this! Complete the payment checkout and you will be taken to the calculator.


1. Use the "Pay to get Report" button below to securely complete the Stripe checkout

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3. Answer the questions prompted by the chatbot

4. Once complete, the report will be sent to your inbox

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